I think I can! (But I can’t.)

Today was coooold to start. The thermometer in the van said 7 degrees F as we drove to LRC. It was almost painful to warm up at first, but the sun felt great and the entire boulder area was basically ours, so we were psyched to get on some friction-dependent problems (that weren’t covered in snow). Continue reading I think I can! (But I can’t.)

Pictures with words

Click on a photo below to make it bigger, then use the left/right arrow keys to move through the gallery. (Esc will close it.) Or just skim over the thumbnails, but you’ll miss out on parts of the captions…

…backwards on a pig.

I am absolutely enamored with the people and animals of Fletcher, NC. Jesse (and Jen) are the best hosts a girl could ask for. It was Drexel’s first visit to the farm, so he got a full tour of the lake, gardens, and chicken + rabbit hutches. Although I was raised vegetarian, I am supportive of people who have the courage and means to humanely raise and kill their own meat.

Hmm, which one shall we eat for dinner tonight?

When Jesse wasn’t looking, I snunk one of the baby bunnies out and brought it up into the house. And thus began the game of devising as many cute uses of a baby bunny as possible. We put it in pockets, in socks, pretended it was a christmas stocking stuffer, cuddled it, squished it, hopped with it….

Bunny scarves are so “in” right now.

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Ebb and Flow

A blog post is long overdue. After basically a month at Rocktown, we had to make a quick weekend jaunt back home to put the final touches on some car paperwork. Spending time with Drexel’s family and eating a delicious meal is icing on the cake!

Our sun-soaked camping spot at Rocktown is 100x better than a Whole Foods parking lot.

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My day, Your day

Two days ago was “my day.” It was an experiment of sorts, and so far it’s been doing wonders for our relationship. 🙂 On “my day” I got to make all the big decisions and decide where we would climb. Drexel was the perfectly supportive side kick as I tried some new hard projects at LRC. It was humbling and exciting to try things at my limit. Continue reading My day, Your day

I bless the rains down in AAAAAAAFRICA

While you’re reading this post, why not listen to some quality music in the background? When is the last time you grooved to Toto?

Yesterday was wonderful, stupendous, terrific, absolutely FANTASTIC! After two rest days, our skin and spirits were renewed. The sun was out, I had a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans, and ♥Olivia♥ drove down with Ryan and some other friends to spend the day climbing at LRC. Continue reading I bless the rains down in AAAAAAAFRICA