Meira and Drexel met in Boone while they were both students at Appalachian State University. They shared a love of outdoor adventures, especially rock climbing. Upon their graduation, they decided to embark on a joint adventure: to travel across the country, rock climbing, meeting new people, and having life-changing experiences, while also inquiring into jobs in their fields of interest (you’re welcome, mom).

About Drexel
Drexel on Kill By Numbers, v9

Drexel discovered his love of climbing between his freshman and sophomore  year of college and has been completely enveloped in the sport ever since. He is drawn to the challenge and enjoys how it has pushed him both physically and mentally. Besides climbing, Drexel is an avid photographer and videographer. He also enjoys mushroom identification, drawing, and looking at derpy dogs. With a BA in Appropriate Technology, Drexel hopes to one day contribute to society’s sustainable practices while maintaining his freedom to climb.

See Drexel’s 8a climbing log: Here.

About Meira
Meira on Heinous Crimper, v7

Meira started climbing on plastic at the Gainesville Rock Gym in ’06, originally inspired by her older brother’s tauntings that she was too weak. She played around with climbing on-and-off, but was more focused on trying to save the world through various projects like AmeriCorps and Bike & Build. After moving to Boone to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, she slowly rekindled her love of climbing and became determined to find the elusive little-person beta. She hopes to one day open her own residential treatment facility where unhappy people can come to farm, climb, eat good food, fingerpaint, and cuddle with goats (or derpy dogs).

See Meira’s 8a climbing log: Here.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I love your vision Meira and it is so needed. May you enjoy every moment of this unfolding life. With all best wishes, Elizabeth (friend of your parents) Your proud father passed it on!


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