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Hot days at HCR

Yesterday’s blog that didn’t upload for some reason:

We climbed only half the day at HCR, but the wicked sun and humidity made any super hard attempts pretty feeble. I spent almost two hours on Orb Weaver (v8) and made great progress, but my skin was raw and screaming and only getting worse, so I finally called it quits. Next cold day, I feel pretty confident about sending my first v8! I didn’t use the best tactics today, and spent too much energy repeating all the beginning moves in efforts to figure out better foot beta for the crimpy crux. It’s always frustrating to unlock your sequence after you’re too tired to perform, but that’s how it goes sometimes… Continue reading Hot days at HCR

Our New Home

Our New Home

After three days of Autocad and hard work, Drexel and his wonderful, awesome, talented engineer step-father Al put this beauty together. Hopefully more photos and details of the construction will surface in the next few days.

Right now we can shove two crash pads into the well in the back, and still fit five plastic bins under our bed. The Toyota Sienna is so perfect for living in, with so many built-in cubby holes and hidden pockets. The front section folds up into a futon-esque couch, and the back pulls out to make a table for preparing food. We have a two-burner propane stove that makes water for oatmeal and tea in less than 5 minutes. If anyone has tips on how to improve our van-home, please comment or email!