I think I can! (But I can’t.)

Today was coooold to start. The thermometer in the van said 7 degrees F as we drove to LRC. It was almost painful to warm up at first, but the sun felt great and the entire boulder area was basically ours, so we were psyched to get on some friction-dependent problems (that weren’t covered in snow).

As part of his warm-up, Andrew flashed the v6 stand version of Tyrone Biggums (v9).

I got on The Chronic (v7), hoping that the temperature would help my right hand stick as I adjusted my feet for balance, got my left fingertips into an intermediate hold, adjusted my feet back to their prior position, and popped out left to the side-pull jug. It worked! The top was covered in a thin layer of powdery snow, with some slick melted spots. I stood up on the arete and then jumped down, away from the sketchy butt-sliding slushy mess, into the safe arms of my favorite spotter who had run up the hill when he heard my shouts of glee/fear.

While I chatted with Donald “Pac-Man” from Ohio (yes, he drove 8 hours one-way just to climb for one weekend), Drexel was getting wild on Castaway (v7), a one-move dyno problem. I tried to coach him to channel his inner Ian and just “go crazy” but he insisted on jumping in a graceful, controlled manner, and proved his prowess by sending.

We moved on to Jerry’s Kids, a v7 highball. Andrew did some excellent and much-needed landscaping, spreading piles of dry leaves atop the sticky slushy mud. Our crashpads ended the day pretty gross, but they could have been soo much worse without Andrew’s superb leafing skills (thanks!). Soon enough, everyone had sent. Okay, they both flashed, and after a couple goes I joined them. It’s pretty incredible when a boulder problem can be climbed three different ways by three different people (small, medium, and large). We even topped out completely differently!

Andrew crimped hard and dayflashed I Think I Can (v9). I was super inspired and gave it some goes. I made it to the last move, a moderate dyno, and came just a couple inches short of the jug. After that, it was all downhill. I lost my focus and just couldn’t muster enough power or psyche to get super epic on the dyno when our padding situation was lacking. It was a bit disappointing since the “crux” of the problem wasn’t really my crux, but trying again and again was not going to improve the situation. It’s also somewhat annoying that this is known as “most girls first v9.”

The day ended with some hilarious attempts on the pebbly painful awkward Bosley’s Traverse (v9). No success was had, but Andrew made some pretty serious threats that I hope he follows through on.

Trying a high foot on Bosley’s Traverse (v9).

I realize so many of our blog posts end with eager anticipations of seeing our friends at Rocktown. This one will be no different. This weekend, weather permitting, another Boone crew is headed down! Right after that, it looks like there could be five days of rain and sleet. I have no idea what we will do to keep ourselves occupied. Possibly cry a little more at Tennessee Bouldering Authority (TBA) and/or try to sneak into the overpriced Aquarium. Any rest-day ideas are more than appreciated!

One thought on “I think I can! (But I can’t.)”

  1. You continue to amaze! Thinking of you with so much love. Today we buried dear Len Eisenberg. You would have been proud of your folks and the whole community. They’ll tell their story, I’m sure! A green burial, chevra kadisha and all done with such compassion and love. Reb Shaya and I returned late yesterday in time to meet with Marilyn and family and conduct the service today. Sad and beautiful and lots of laughter. We are happy to be on this planet and good to know your life is unfolding in good ways! A sweet Shabbos to all. Love, Bubbe Bahira and Shaya


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