Ebb and Flow

A blog post is long overdue. After basically a month at Rocktown, we had to make a quick weekend jaunt back home to put the final touches on some car paperwork. Spending time with Drexel’s family and eating a delicious meal is icing on the cake!

Our sun-soaked camping spot at Rocktown is 100x better than a Whole Foods parking lot.

It’s the little things that I’m coming to appreciate on this trip. The tiny luxuries I had taken for granted. Things like light (or darkness) at unnatural hours, or clean-tasting water. Silence, sun, and books. Books. I’ve been savoring my reading time like the last slice of chocolate cheesecake, licking the icing off the edges and letting the flavor melt into my mouth until slowly the delectable sweetness fades into simple saliva. I woke up the other day in the black of night and snatched my headlamp into the warm cocoon of a sleeping bag so I could burrow into Dune (a present from Theo) for a hundred pages before the sun woke everyone else up and urged us all towards the boulder field.

This morning, it was so quiet. Our wonderful and rowdy horde of friends had departed after the end of MLK weekend, back to life’s obligations of school and work. I hope the drive down was well worth it. I’m sure everyone will take away something different. For some, there was frustration and defeat. For others, there was a renewed excitement for climbing outside in new places. For Carson, it’s a broken ankle and a solid walking stick.

Carson’s resemblance to Gandalf is uncanny!

Carson was the most jolly, good-mannered cripple I’ve ever seen. He hobbled around Rocktown with his Gandolf walking stick and cheered people on as we crushed moderates. It was deliciously warm and we were down to our t-shirts (or less for the dudes) = “Sun’s out, gun’s out.”

We started our day by warming up on the “Best of Rocktown” Goforia(v0). We had made it our goal to tick off every single climb v0-v4 on that “Best of” list, and I believe we did everything except for two really sketchy highballs. Focusing on these (supposedly) easier, fun climbs was a great stress relief from days of intense projecting. It’s nice to remember the joy of climbing that has nothing at all to do with grades. Following the “Best of” list took us to areas of Rocktown we might have otherwise missed, and it would be a real shame to miss scenic climbs like Goforia.

Meira on Goforia (v0). Photo by Zachary Silberman.

 After the initial fun warm-up, we spread out and got on everything. I made sure our friend Daniel got on everything fun (aka soft) and he had a blast. (#YOLO.) One memorable moment of this weekend was the time spent on The Scoop, a very height-dependent v3. After balancing your way up the slopey scoop, a long arm can reach up, lightly brush the one finger pocket, and stand up to the juggy sloper up top. A short person has to awkwardly balance while hesitantly reaching up until their finger lands into the mono pocket, fold another finger across for more support, pull their entire body up off this finger, and jump as high as possible, praying to slam-dunk the top sloper. What I’m trying to say is, that this supposed “v3” was really hard… for me. Leah did it static – twice. Olivia flashed it, and waited eagerly for me at the top. I tried again and again, rallied on by Trey and D.Co (who are the BEST!), motivated rebelliously by Drexel’s complete lack of belief in me (“Come ON Meira, let’s go, it’s not going to happen”), and finally… it happened.

Zach on (or off?) the Scoop (v3) in his sweet climbing kicks.
Andrew is like a little glob of ninja ice cream nestled inside a Scoop.

Other fun climbs of the weekend were Snake Eyes (v2), Idiot Roof (v6) and the Tao (v8). I was really hoping to get the Tao after Andrew showed us his ninja beta. It worked for Drexel, who flashed the thing, but I spent over an hour to no avail. Olivia, Drexel and Zach all sent Idiot Roof (as did Julie Ann a couple weeks ago!). Andrew looked smooth as butter on Tractor Trailer, gliding his way under a super pumpy roof. His beta was so goddamn dialed! Andrew is one of those climbers who is mesmerizing to watch, the same panther movements I originally aspired towards when I first saw Zach climbing at the SRC.

After flashing Pasty-Faced Weirdos, a tall v4 that doubled my heartbeat, I felt my mojo rising and used that to roll magical doubles and beat Carson at a game of backgammon. “Double double toil and trouble.” He’s still ahead by 8 points, but who knows what the weekend will bring…

The end of our day was spent in awe as Olivia and Zach figured out Vagina (v8) beta, and Ben got sooooo close on Digital Scales (v9). Andrew, Ben and Ryan did Majora, a stout v5 near the Vagina.

Ben flexes on Digital Scales, v9. Please take a moment to wipe the drool off your keyboard.
When Zach says he’s tired, what he really means is that he’s ready to climb v8.

With skin and strength ebbing, the Boone crew realized it was time to pack up and start the trek back home. As everyone began hiking out, I quickly pulled out my p-style (plastic pee funnel for girls to pee like boys) for one last pee against a nearby boulder. I’ve grown too comfortable using this handy little device near my friends, and didn’t realize until I walked back to my stuff that two strangers had been standing nearby. By the looks on their faces, they clearly had NO idea what they had just witnessed. I laughed and quickly pulled out my p-style to explain, but the damage had been done. Their faces were priceless.

Photo credit Zachary Silberman.

Looking forward to friends, climbing at Rumbling Bald, and a sleeping bag liner for my icy little toesies as the weather continuously drops to 8 degrees F. Drexel’s stoked to get back on the road, check out HP 40, and hopefully finish up some projects around Rocktown.

This photo is completely unrelated to anything in this post.

3 thoughts on “Ebb and Flow”

  1. Wow, reading DUNE.. a cult classic! No wonder you read it while under the sleeping bag at midnight!! Your humorous descriptions, writing and photos are fabulous…. keep ‘um coming.. Stay safe! /barbara


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