Please sir, may I have some more?

I’ve been checking out the site stats lately and noticed a whole bunch of people are arriving at our site via random google searches (e.g. “rock climbing slang chuffer” or most popular in 2015, “capoiera v10”). While most of our visitors are from the United States, we have a fair sprinkling of folks coming from ¬†countries like Israel, Jordan, Thailand, Japan, Spain and Germany.


#2 РIt makes me wonder what kind of blog post is actually helpful and interesting to other people.

So I created this poll that I really hope all the regular readers – as well as completely random searching strangers – might answer. Feel free to add other answers, too! It would be oh-so helpful in how we continue to proceed with our blog, if at all.

If you have any additional information you’d like to convey to us, please feel free to let us know using the form below!

Sneak peek of more potential baby animals.
Sneak peek of more potential baby animals. This one is a baby sloth!

Four Less Traveled Southern V10’s

Me: “Drexel, what would you like to say about your video?”

Drexel: “This is me. I climb’did a rock.”

[pause, he glances at the screen to see what I’ve written]

Drexel: Oh. Please don’t post that.

Me: Okay. [click]

More info, as written by Drexel on vimeo: This year I tried to escape the crowds of the Big 3 (Rocktown, LRC, HP40) and explore some of the smaller satellite areas. What I found blew me away. Although the quantity couldn’t match up to the big 3, the quality of the stone and the climbing kept me coming back again and again. It was extremely rewarding to figure out a few climbs that aren’t done very frequently and showcase them here. The South is a truly magical place and I know I will be back for years to come. Big thanks to Organic Climbing as usual and thanks to everyone I met along the way for the good times.

Featured Climbs:
-Capoeira V10
-Bubba Gump V10
-Chattanooga Powerhouse V10
-Breadloaf Factory Low V10