Oot in a Boot

Another bittersweet parting from our latest climbing comrades. The past few days of climbing and Food Ranching have been full and wonderful. We’ve had days of climbing amid repeated waves of snow flurry armies, a visit to the museum in nearby Castle Dale, and yesterday the most productive yet playful circuit day in ages with the perfect blend of Canadians and Southerners (even though we’re all considered “southerners” to Canadians, eh?).

After the rain.

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The Must Haves and the Must Have-Nots (of Packing)

Whether you are going on a weekend climbing trip, or perhaps a full-fledged year long road trip, there are certain items that should be packed, and others that would be better off left behind. Everyone has their unique needs, but this is the list we’ve settled on after 3+ months rock climbing and living in a minivan around the country.

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Butterfinger Donuts for Dinner

It was blue skies and golden sun when out of nowhere the wind picked up and blew in snow. On such a nice day, the white flurries looked like a team of perfectly choreographed fairies doing synchronized swimming across the desert. This lasted for maybe 5-10 minutes, and then the day returned to normal and we kept climbing.

Snow swirling around the shortie-beta double knee-bars on Planet of the Apes, v7.

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Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop the feet

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” – Jimmy Dean

We got to Joe’s Valley Sunday afternoon and played around on some fun classics like Angler (v2) and slipped off the super polished Big Joe (v7). Unlike most of the other places we’ve climbed on this trip, Joe’s Valley’s boulders are scattered around the sides of two different roads. Similar to 221 in Boone, you have to drive, park, and hike a couple minutes to get to any of the dozens upon dozens of boulders. After you finish your project (or give up) , you get back in the car, drive to another area, park, and repeat. It will take us a while to figure out the lay of the land. The only Joe’s Valley guidebook is poorly written and  covers about 1/3 of the total actual boulders.
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