I bless the rains down in AAAAAAAFRICA

While you’re reading this post, why not listen to some quality music in the background? When is the last time you grooved to Toto?

Yesterday was wonderful, stupendous, terrific, absolutely FANTASTIC! After two rest days, our skin and spirits were renewed. The sun was out, I had a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans, and ♥Olivia♥ drove down with Ryan and some other friends to spend the day climbing at LRC.

Within the first hour of the day, I sent A Face in the Crowd (v7) with some wacky new beta, and Drexel surprised himself by getting through the crazy third-move crux and finishing Biggie Shortie (v10). YAYY!!! And phew! With our main projects for the day crushed, we both spent the rest of this lovely Sunday just having a blast with our friends. There was a whole Knoxville crew out (including Taytor Tot! and Kevin!), and I had a ton of fun trying Cleopatra and Cinderella, but couldn’t figure out the short-person beta and wasn’t super invested at the time. Oliva and I made good headway on Chronic (v7), but alas with the sun beating down overhead, the very friction dependent right hand just couldn’t stay long enough for our little legs to dance around underneath to find higher feet. If only we were as strong as Ronald Wayne Worley III (aka Trey), we could have flashed it…

Last night we returned to the van, after spending the last week or so crashing with the gracious host Mike and his two cats. Drexel managed to not die, despite a pretty sensitive cat allergy, but it was a bumpy road for his poor itchy face.

We have reorganized a good bit, and today during a forced rest-day (forecast calls for rain all day) we’ll have time to check off things on our growing to-do list. Then we can stroll around Chattanooga, which is really growing on me. It’s a very eco-friendly city, or just friendly in general. It has a very healthy, clean vibe. There are rental bike stations all over town that allow you to grab a bike for only a couple bucks, and you can return it to any other bike station! There are parks full of giggling children and strolling couples, two rock gyms, multiple outdoor climbing locations, gorgeous bridges to walk across (one is really just pedestrians only!), plug-ins aplenty for electric cars, a library with a free arts-and-crafts area for children (or children at heart, teehee) to play, some pretty interesting architecture, public art everywhere… in general I really appreciate the areas that this city has invested in. If I can find a legit job here after our trip, I wouldn’t turn it down. But this is only the first real city we’ve really been to (sorry Lafayette, you don’t count), so who knows what city will capture my heart next!

Chattanooga right before the sunset.

 Today feels celebratory. So excited for the upcoming week of decent weather, and soon enough, the Boone crew will be back in force to climb at Rocktown over their three-day weekend (thanks MLK). If you’re reading this and you like to climb, COME CAMP AT ROCKTOWN. The weather will be perfect and free camping is exactly one mile from the boulder field. Andrew and Jeremy are already here, and they need more bros to climb with! (I need more gals…)

 That’s all folks!
M & D


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