More links

I. Our pages: Information related to climbing and/or living in a van, or whatever else we think might come in handy.

II. Climbing-related links:

  • – Get weather information for your exact climbing spot, not some slightly close-by city
  • – Poorly designed, but still a great place to keep track of your sends and your friends’ sends.
  • Drexel’s Vimeo page: A place to watch some incredible climbing videos, filmed by Drexel.

III. Other climbing blogs:

  • The RV Project  – A highly-esteemed blog full of updates, videos and advice, written by a couple who rock climb and travel around the country in an RV
  • The Burrow Files – “A life of climbing and general competence fueled by ibuprofen, coffee, and redbull.”
  • Motomouth – A cool Chattanooga chick with an article about staying psyched
  • Little Van, Big Country – Another couple on a rock climbing road trip with some good personal and reflective entries
  • Online Climbing Coach – More than just a blog, written by the author of 9 out of 10 climbers make the same mistakes

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