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The bad news is that it’s “RealFeel” 4 degrees out today. Brr.

The good news is that I got to see my aunt and uncle who I hadn’t seen in maybe 4+ years! They took us in from the bitter cold, fed us some delicious black bean pizza, and sent me home with a goodie-bag of dessert will certainly be destroyed by all the climbers we’re crashing with at Mike’s. ❤ you both! And thanks Mike!


More good news? The Vitamix man will be at Whole Foods all week. We’ve spent countless minutes hovering nearby, listening to the Vitamix man inside Whole Foods singing (literally) while mixing up one meal after another for customers to sample. We’ve “sampled” carrot sorbet, hot tortilla soup, a green smoothie, and free coffee. This man either loves his life, or really really hates it.

Eye of the Tiger

This afternoon, we said goodbye to Lafayette, GA. Now we find ourselves in the Whole Foods in Chattanooga, TN and I feel completely overwhelmed. There are bright lights, hundreds of people, this oddly dramatic music (“It’s the FINAL COUNTDOWN!”), and every single organic, not-tested on animals, vegan, gluten-free product you could dream of.

Compare this to Lafayette (pronounced luh-FAY-yuht by locals, despite being named in honor of the Marquis de LaFayette, a French nobleman who fought in the American Revolutionary War). Lafayette is home to just about 7,000 people. It has one grocery store, one Mexican restaurant (which is AMAZING), one Pizza/Pasta/Steak restaurant, a McDonalds and a Hardee’s (Farmer Dave’s favorite – free coffee refills!)…. and…. that’s about it. McDonalds also seems to double as a childcare, if you don’t mind your kid staring at a hand-held video game all day while humming to himself as his brain slowly rots.

DSC_0144Speaking of, this is Carson in a morning chalk haze.
Photo credit: Kyle Rhoads.

Climbing.  Yes. That’s what this blog is supposed to be about. Continue reading Eye of the Tiger

Rain rain go away (M)

Second day at Rock Town (for Dawn and I. Third day for the boys). We got out early and got on a couple fun problems before the hail hit. Not so bad. The hail was kind of cute actually. We still sent Loaf (a v6 that feels more like a 3 or 4). But when it became rain, we hiked out. While Carson, Ian and Dawn set up tarps to avoid sleeping on water beds, Drexel and I found a nice little overhang at a closed library (who closes libraries on Saturday??) and spent an hour organizing our van-home. I’m sure we looked ridiculous scurrying around, our entire set-up of bins and trash and food spread out across the pavement. But it was worth it. With random crap all over the van, we both just felt out-of-sorts. I’m hoping after another week, we’ll fall into more of a rhythm in terms of van life. Continue reading Rain rain go away (M)

It begins

Tomorrow morning, after a day of Christmas celebrations, Drexel leaves his family in Atlanta and heads to Rock Town with his two brothers. Later in the afternoon, Meira (and Dawn!) will down some coffee and meet up with them. The beginning of the trip has arrived!! We’ll be spending the first few weeks in the Georgia/Tennessee area, climbing with our friends who are still on their winter break from college. It will be nice to stay in one place for a while as we adjust to a minivan lifestyle. We have more space than originally imagined, but I’m sure it will fill up quickly. Our extra plastic bin has been designated the Fun Box, full of books, art supplies, games, and even a jump rope for the inevitable rest days. (Book suggestions are appreciated!)

Oh yes — Our business cards arrived in the mail today!

Business Card

Testing testing 123

First post in the blog. Just trying to figure out formatting right now, please bear with us, but at least the “About” section is complete!

Here’s the status of our trip so far:

1) Purchased a Toyota Sienna – Biggest minivan I’ve ever seen! All the soccer moms will be envious.

2) In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be doing work on the van to turn it into a decent home. Hopefully it will look something like this.

3) The day after x-mas, our adventure will begin! Here’s a general outline of our next 6+ months.


Stay tuned!

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