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Melise Edwards Hits the South

Drexel here, I just finished up this video of my good friend and fellow crusher Melise, climbing in Boone and Tennessee. Enjoy!

After finishing school, Evolv athlete Melise Edwards hit the road with the intention of climbing in all the best areas the South East has to offer. After a very successful stint in Boone, NC, Melise visited some Tennessee sandstone at LRC, Dayton Pocket, and Rocktown. She had a blast and looks forward to the next opportunity to explore more fantastic bouldering spots. In this video she climbs Klamper V8, Changing Lanes V9, and Portobello V9, in Boone, NC. She also quickly puts together River Dance V9, one of the most beautiful and classic boulder problems the South has to offer.

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New Friends, New Places

New Friends, New Places

The snow is finally melting. Meira and I, along with Kelsey, our gracious host for the past few days, and friend Zach decided to go check out another smaller local climbing spot, Area 74. The roads were still a bit snowy but they were no match for Kelsey’s trusty all-wheel-drive Subaru. After getting stuck behind some big slow trucks we finally arrived. Area 74 is as roadside as bouldering gets. You literally pull off the side of the road into a parking lot, walk 20 feet and BAM! A big high quality wall with lots of beautiful problems smacks you right in the face. Despite all of the melting snow, the problems were all completely dry and psyche was high. A dog from a nearby house even decided to come say hello.

Daisy, our five-minute crag dog.

We all did some necessary warm-up jumps, wiggles, and stretching and started strapping up. We started on the classic v4, The Fin. It climbs a long series of slopers and pinches and finishes with a committing last move on the tallest steepest section of the wall. Everyone numbed out on our first attempts but one by one we found the top.
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Mental Warfare

DISCLAIMER: This is a very climbing oriented post that will be very different from the usual peppy Meira post.

Climbing at your limit is a very difficult thing. When people watch someone climbing at a high level, the first thing that they notice is always the extreme physical abilities of the climber. “They are so strong!” is always mouthed between onlookers. There is no denying that climbing is a physical sport; It requires the human body to do be pushed to the absolute limits of what is physically possible. Continue reading Mental Warfare

The Past Few Days (D)

Monday we started the day early, fresh from resting the day before and everyone had their eye on a project. The Boone Crew had started to arrive and it was great to have more friendly faces joining our ranks. We arrived at the Orb area to find it overrun with a youth team which made the decision to warm up elsewhere an easy one to make. During the warm up festivities Andrew stepped in dog poop earning him the nick name “Poopy Foot Andrew.” Many other nicknames were accumulated over the rest of the day including “Saggy Pants Drexel”, and “Toasty Knees Tommy.” After everyone was good and warm we headed over to the Bads for another round of trying all of the slopey physical classics the area has to offer. Continue reading The Past Few Days (D)