Following the golden path

The juicy green mountains have called us back to the southeast. It’s crazy to think that we were across the country in Lake Tahoe only two weeks ago. We’ve been following our whims, trusting that whatever feels right is probably legitimately “right” for us. And so far, it’s worked out! After one last day of climbing in Sugar Pines, we departed Tahoe and made our way east. We swung through Albuquerque and saw the awesome Michaela and Paul (climbers we met in Joe’s Valley), and still made it to Boone in time for our friends’ graduation weekend. The warm weather is here, but we still had a fun day at Blowing Rock greasing off of our old projects.

Our plans changed somehow, and we decided to move to Asheville (versus Chattanooga). Why? (a) It’s closer to Boone for weekend climbing trips or visiting friends. (b) It won’t be AS hot and humid during the summer months at Chatty. And (c) I should be getting my LPC-A in the state of North Carolina in a matter of weeks, while all I could do in TN is something minimum wagey. Oh, and (d) we’ll be a lot closer to our friend Jesse’s farm in Fletcher, NC where we can play with bunnies and fry up some fresh-caught catfish.

BUNNIES!!! Num num num. They get a huge pile of greens to munch on every single day.


Paul campusing my stout roof project at the Albuquerque climbing gym.
Olivia crushing Stonehouse v5 like it’s only a stone-teepee.
Swimming at Winkler’s Creek. Or rather, the girls swam, while the boys complained about the cold water and sat nearby eating pretzels…
We caught a total of five salamanders and three crawfish! This little guy was my favorite.
Work hard, play hard. After a couple hours working in the garden, Drexel was determined to catch a fish for dinner in the pond across the road.
This fella is happy that he’s too small to eat.

 LINK TO MORE PHOTOS (facebook album).

The next few weeks will be primarily moving, exploring Asheville, and maybe some training. Both of us are trying to let our finger injuries heal up a bit, so are taking a small break from straight-up climbing. I anticipate lots of rice bucketing and core workouts.  And cuddling bunnies.

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