What’s up with Price, Utah?

For those of you climbing in Joe’s Valley and in need of a rest day, or perhaps just passing through the state of Utah and in need of a driving break, you should probably be aware of a the small city of Price. Here’s what you should know:


P10209881) Our first stop was Grogg’s Pinnacle Brewing Co for lunch. They have a wide assortment of sandwiches, burgers, wraps and more for just about $10. All of these come with a substantially-sized side, to the extent that a guy with a large appetite couldn’t comfortably finish all of his food. While most of the food was quite meaty, there were a couple decent vegetarian options (e.g. garden burger or veggie sandwich on an herbed focaccia bun). I was pleasantly surprised that their side salads are large and much more than iceberg lettuce. The downside of Grogg’s was that they had a very limited beer menu. No porters or stouts (we were told these are “seasonal”), just dainty things like apricot wheat or amber ale which I’ve heard aren’t too bad, but at only 3.2%? No thanks Utah. Bottom line: If you’re in Price, might as well stop here, but don’t make this your primary destination.

veg sand
Veggie sandwich. (Heads-up: German potato side has bacon on it. Who knew…)
Tickles & Bits! Local entertainment while you wait for your food.


2) Next we headed to the Prehistoric Museum. P1020989
$6/adult entry or $4/student. There are two main exhibits, Archaeology and Paleontology, as well as an art gallery exhibiting rotating artist. Lots of Native American artifacts and dinosaur bones that were found right around the area! Bottom line: Super interesting stuff, tons of information, amusement for hours. Definitely worth the visit.P1030010

You could hang out in the teepee and take a nap, or read a story about a coyote who was chased by a boulder. I did both.
Now you know.


coffeeshop3) Finally we headed to The Coffee Shop. Not the most creative of names, but since this is the only coffee shop in Price, perhaps it’s apt. It has a really nice atmosphere, two different comfortable seating rooms, coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, pastries (only 25 cents for day-olds), and fast Wi-Fi with tons of outlets. Open until 8pm. The downside is that we were so comfortable that we spent wayyy too much time vegging out on the internet and getting super caffeinated. Bottom line: Huge step up from the Food Ranch. Excellent rest-day activity. Get cheap delicious pastries.


I saw this posted in the coffee shop – Yoga?!? Not what I was expecting in this neck of the woods. Check out livingbalancestudios.com for more info.

4) For some reason a bunch of shops were closed on the day we went (is Tuesday the new Sunday?), but this coffee shop is downtown so it would be easy to park there and then walk around. “Downtown” isn’t huge, but it would’ve been entertaining to stroll up and down the street checking out the odd assortment of stores and small movie theatre. There’s a Reiki lady across the street who opens by appointment.

5) For the eco-conscious, save up your recyclables and bring them to Price during your rest day. Here’s an extensive list of Where to Recycle in Carbon County.

6) Price offers much more for those determined enough to seek it out. There are city parks, playgrounds, walking trails, and more. Check out the City Page for more info.


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