Blood and snot

It’s a gorgeous sunny day, and for some reason we’re staying inside. Okay, maybe not some reason – Drexel is watching ABS Nationals, and my face is chock full of mucus from a head cold that crept in two days ago. Somehow yesterday I managed to complete Orb Weaver, my first v8 (YAYYYYYY), but otherwise my body is begging me to restrict my life to drinking tea or napping. Except tea hurts my tongue, which I almost bit off during a powerful fall yesterday, a strange whip lash effect as my bum hit the pad first, followed by my back and head. At first I just curled into a fetal position and spit blood while Drexel cooed over me, but finally the bleeding stopped and I realized it was merely a flesh wound. I still had a tongue, but I was shaken. My anger at the rock fueled my eventual send.

Spidering through Orb Weaver (v8).

Drexel has been doing some quality work on two separate climbing videos that should hopefully be out soon, one of the South and one of Arkansas.

Kasia is wearing pink pants as she competes in ABS Nationals, so I’ve gotta root for her. Or maybe I’ll go take a nap with tissues stuffed up my constantly dripping nostrils. Oh boy!

When I’m not feeling so lazy, I’ll upload a bunch of awesome photos I took yesterday of boys crushing. Mike from Iowa City (?) was in town for the weekend, flashing 4 out of 5 hard classic boulders – Grand Dragon (v7), Flash Gordan (v10), Jeff’s Prow (v9), and War of Northern Aggression (v7). Al and John, our latest BFFS, did some crushing as well (Glass Bowl, v10) and I have photographic evidence. Drexel climbed, flashing Jeff’s Prow (v9) with secret beta, and he has his shirt off (as usual), so ladies, keep your eyes peeled. (Don’t worry, I put my camera in “snow” setting to avoid harmful glare.)

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