Hot days at HCR

Yesterday’s blog that didn’t upload for some reason:

We climbed only half the day at HCR, but the wicked sun and humidity made any super hard attempts pretty feeble. I spent almost two hours on Orb Weaver (v8) and made great progress, but my skin was raw and screaming and only getting worse, so I finally called it quits. Next cold day, I feel pretty confident about sending my first v8! I didn’t use the best tactics today, and spent too much energy repeating all the beginning moves in efforts to figure out better foot beta for the crimpy crux. It’s always frustrating to unlock your sequence after you’re too tired to perform, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

Wishing for more shade on Orb Weaver (v8).

Drexel wanted to get on Moondye (v9), but it was somehow still wet (it seeps!) so we hiked wayyyy into the back of the Idahos to get to the Typhoon boulder. With this humidity, there really wasn’t much chance of him holding the last move, which is definitely the crux. It involves going from sloper to sloper, and in today’s 60+ degree temps this felt impossible. Yet another climb that will go once colder weather blows in. Somehow it’s gotten even more warm and humid since two days past, when Drexel was able to send Cloud of Stars (v9) and get on some nearby classic moderates like War Bonnet (v5) and Dig Dug (v4).

Bumping through the crux move on Cloud of Stars (v9). Another beautiful problem on the Moondye Boulder at Horseshoe Canyon Ranch.

Tomorrow’s forecast calls for a thunderstorm, so we’ll be chilling at Trudy’s Coffee again, an amazing cafe right off Hwy 74 that has wifi, yummy sandwiches, and killer pie. It’s amazing how much time can be spent sitting in one spot without moving, so long as there is a glowing screen in front of your face. Luckily we always have books and backgammon as well.

The highlights of the past few days are hanging out at our amazing campsite (we are still the only people there!), hiking to the boulders with Chili the crag dog leading the way, and a couple fun sends at HCR.

Exploring our “backyard” at the campground.
…And our “front yard.”
Chili, everyone’s favorite crag dog!
Chili demonstrating superior spotting techniques.

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