The Road Not Taken

“The only journey is the journey within.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

More than 600 miles and an ocean of colors has taken us to Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, Arkansas. Logistically, leaving when we did avoided the potentially hazardous snowstorm that has hit the southeast. Personally, I wasn’t prepared to leave this area quite yet. There were still boulders to climb, adventures to be had, people to see.

And yet, here we are in Arkansas. A full ten hour drive from Chattanooga. So there really isn’t much to do except chew and digest that fact.

Horseshoe Canyon Ranch (HCR) doesn’t know what to do with so much snow!

We got to Jasper, AR around midnight and slept on the side of the road, too cautious to attempt driving down a slick icy road. In the morning, we held our breaths and made it through the icy half-mile driveway to the ranch. Our first day was spent hiking around HCR, crunching through snow and checking out boulders (and ponies, and goats, and puppies). Drexel found two guys to climb with and sent Kung Fu (v8), Dig Dug (a classic v4) and worked on Flash Gordan (v10).

The past few days have been exceptionally difficult. I’ve questioned the merits of this trip. Road tripping was supposed to be a vacation of sorts, but it’s really goddamn hard at times. If you’re planning to go on your own road trip, know this. Know that you will question everything. Yet this is the lifestyle we are choosing, and currently the pros still outweigh the cons. So that’s that. Still, craving creature comforts, we caved in and rented a super cheap motel room (it smelled gross, but at least we had tepid showers) and did some much-needed laundry.

Hmm, maybe while Meira checks our clothes, I can “roll” double 6’s…

Our clothes are dry, and it’s time to head out. Potentially we’ll be climbing at Cowell today, a smaller, lesser-known area thirty minutes away that will hopefully be dry. Not sure when the next update or phone call will be, but we’re alive and kicking.


One thought on “The Road Not Taken”

  1. Happy to hear you are okay along the trail. We are loving you from chilly Gainesville!! Will be hanging out here with your folks for Shabbos dinner. Yummm Thinking of you With Love Bubbe Bahira & Shaya


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