Rain rain go away (M)

Second day at Rock Town (for Dawn and I. Third day for the boys). We got out early and got on a couple fun problems before the hail hit. Not so bad. The hail was kind of cute actually. We still sent Loaf (a v6 that feels more like a 3 or 4). But when it became rain, we hiked out. While Carson, Ian and Dawn set up tarps to avoid sleeping on water beds, Drexel and I found a nice little overhang at a closed library (who closes libraries on Saturday??) and spent an hour organizing our van-home. I’m sure we looked ridiculous scurrying around, our entire set-up of bins and trash and food spread out across the pavement. But it was worth it. With random crap all over the van, we both just felt out-of-sorts. I’m hoping after another week, we’ll fall into more of a rhythm in terms of van life.

So now we find ourselves cozily set up in a booth in the back of the local McD’s. Classy. Ian and Dawn spar it out in Banagrams and Carson reads “Pygmy” by Chuck Palahniuk.

“He alone who owns the youth, gains the future.” -Adolf Hitler/Carson Bakker

YESTERDAY (Friday) was a perfect introduction to Rock Town. We took a tour of the entire loop. The weather was glorious, sunny and cool. We played around on Little Bad (v5), sent Beauty Face (easy v6) with a sweet Indian lady whose wide-eyed little boy jumped around trying to catch the clouds of chalk that we sent bursting into the air with every clap, and I ended the day by getting my ass kicked by the hardest v4, Soap on a Rope. Had a blast giggling with a team of  girls who I’ve seen crushing boulders all around the southeast.

On THURSDAY, Dawn and I drove down from Boone, fighting our way through the thick globs of post-Christmas traffic. We stumbled across The Holy Land, a delightful Middle Eastern cafe and grocery store, where we munched on kebabs, falafel, and stocked up on cans of hummus, baba ganoush, and a 5 lb. can of stuffed grape leaves (don’t ask).

I know I promised I wouldn’t mention her name, so let’s just say some other girl we know who has a tiny little bladder got stuck in stand-still traffic. I think there was an accident up ahead since we had four emergency vehicles pass us in the shoulder, but whatever reason, there was NO movement at all on a three-lane highway, and she had to pee, in a toilet or in her pants, but it was going to happen. We quickly chinese-fire-drilled and I took the driver seat. Somehow we maneuvered our way across two lanes and I pulled us onto the shoulder. To our right was a grassy hill that dipped down and was adjacent to a highway on-ramp. Cars everywhere, their headlights and curious eyes shining straight on us, this random un-named girl shamelessly leapt from the car, opened the rear door for extended privacy, and proceeded to relieve herself while the driver cackled and tried to cover the car lights that had automatically come on, spotlighting the pants-less girl squatting in front of hundreds of cars on a highway. Thankfully, nobody honked, and eventually we were able to merge back into traffic. We finally made it to the Sawmill Campgrounds. And it was good.

Oh yes, and mom? I’m staying dry. We’re eating healthy food. Everyone is safe and happy. But we don’t have phone service, so my phone is off, but we are all alive. 🙂

p.s. Carson wants his mommy to know that he loves her! He loves his scarf and wears it all the time, every day!

<3, Meira

****Stay tuned for Drexel’s post! You’ll probably begin to notice a drastic difference in our writing styles, but hopefully that will paint a more full picture of our trip! Mine will be silly and inappropriate, his will be more climbing-focused and of course, super appropriate.


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