Back in the Southeast (D)

Carson, Ian, and I woke up bright and early on the 26th and after an amazing breakfast with the family we hit the road and began the 2 hour drive to the bright sandstone boulders of Rocktown Georgia. We drove straight to the boulder field and hiked/ran up the trail to the back side of the field. Even though we visit the southeast every winter we were all blown away once again by just how amazing the rock is. Beautiful rounded orange sandstone with iron stripes crisscrossing throughout. After ecstatically warming up we set our sights on the proud and scary Hueco Simulator, a 25 foot overhanging prow that finishes in a harder than you want it to be top out. It was fun to start the day by getting a little adrenaline going and getting focused.

We then headed to the uber classic Sherman Roof. After a go to remember beta I was able to send Sherman Photo Roof (V7) second try and Carson followed suit a handful of goes later. He was also able to dispatch Nose Candy V6 after a few tries. The roof was an excellent reminder of what makes Rocktown so tough; the problems are all steep and revolve around power endurance which is difficult for us Boone kids. With the suggestion of another climber we headed down to the creek to the Iron Claw boulder where after a little bit of beta tweaking Carson and I were able to send Iron Claw (V7). Ian had the curse of the slippery heel but will do it the next session for sure.

That night after an 8 hour drive that usually takes 5 the girls arrived in a travel induced haze. Fortunately it was nothing that a big warm fire and marshmallows couldn’t fix. We woke early the next morning and headed straight back to the boulders. We warmed up on an amazing four star V0 aptly named El Classico. It was a tall, featured, slabby face, and was the perfect way to start the day. After that we padded up the equally amazing Gritstone Arete, a tall balancey V3. Despite the height we all got to the top of it and psyche was high all around. Post warm up we headed to the Bad Boulders to check out the amazing slopey edges. Meira, Dawn and Ian all focused on Little Bad, a super tough V5/6 that Ian was able to scramble his way to the top of in typical Ian fashion. Carson and I got psyched on Big Bad Right, an amazing sustained V8, and after spending the time to figure out the beta I managed to fight my way to the top. The Big Bad boulder has some of the most bad ass lines that I have seen and I look forward to trying the rest of them.

After that Meira invited a horde of middle school girls to come hang out in our van, but unfortunately they declined (and ran to find an adult).

Now we are kickin it in Mcdonalds and hogging all the free WiFi that we can while avoiding the gross greasy food. The weather looks great for the upcoming week so hopefully the high psyche will continue.



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